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Trader Joe's Opening Third Location in Clark County

I'm slightly embarrassed about how excited I was to find out Trader Joe's has filed for a permit in East Vancouver. There's not a timeline yet for opening, but I can personally confirm they have started demo work in the Columbia Crossing shopping center . This means that each day that passes we are closer to inexpensive prices, snacks we didn't know we needed, and convos with the friendliest staff known to man.

Three things to buy next time you're here:

  1. Their corn salsa is pure unadulterated fire. It looks unassuming and there is literally zero reason for it to taste so good, but it SLAPS. Try it with chips for sure, and probably other things. I finish it in one sitting so I haven't moved past chips, yet.

  2. Stock up on olive oil here. It's the cheapest I've ever seen. I can't speak to the quality as I don't have a refined enough pallet, but if you can tell the difference between different olive oils you probably are getting yours shipped straight from Lesvos, Greece. So enjoy that.

  3. The frozen section is so magnificent, I can't narrow it down to just one item. Regardless of your dietary preferences, you'll find what you need.

I am very invested in the successful completion of this new location and will be sure to provide updates as they become available.


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